This Cozy Game Helps Me Stay Organized

I’m brushing the dust off of my keyboard right now. It’s been a while – hiiiiii! Diane on Patreon suggested that I write a blog post on how I stay organized when I have so many tasks and subjects to deal with. That is a great question and it’s taken me a really long time to figure out the answer for myself. And then I get bored and like to switch it up.

Here are the details on how I stay organized.

First off: I need color. I need to be able to pick my own colors. You know how you log into a productivity app and they have that soulless color palette? I can’t do it. There’s something in my creative brain that can’t stand those boring colors.

I began this year wanting to do something different so I started using Huge learning curve, lots of features, but I spent more time trying to figure out how to make things juuuust right that it lasted for three months. It did help me stay organized but it also got me off track. Here was my cute landing page though!

I ended up going back to Trello.

I’ve been using Trello for years but I get bored and I venture off into internetspace looking for something better and then I always end up coming back. I like it because it has lots of ways to organize and customize your ideas, tasks, and work. Once you get the hang of ‘Lists’ and ‘Cards’ it’s pretty user-friendly and easy to figure out.

Here’s my current Sailor Moon decorated template. Did I mention that I NEED color?


Mostly I just use the purple list titled “Make Magic Happen“, the rest of my board is 99% ideas and notes and things that I need to remember for one reason or another!

I have my April To-Do List: A checklist of specific tasks that is constantly added to, updated, and worked on.

Then I have my Daily Social Media To-Do List: A checklist that I *try* to finish every day which has things like responding to comments and messages on different social media platforms, checking Etsy messages, and checking my email. I start with a blank list every day.

Finally, I have my Monthly Patreon To-Do List: This is a checklist of everything I post on Patreon each month. I get everything done and then start over when a new month comes. It’s very general like ‘Discount codes’, and ‘coloring pages’, while the specifics go on my April To-Do List.

Aaaand that’s how I keep things organized.

Over this last week, I’ve been playing a cute productivity game that I’d like to give a mention to.

It’s called Spirit City: Lofi Sessions and I love it. I’ve been spending the first few hours of my day with it playing in the background while I work.

Here’s the description: Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a gamified focus tool, set to a soothing lofi soundtrack. Discover and collect Spirits, customize your cozy virtual space, and facilitate your real-life tasks with a collection of handy features designed to improve concentration and ease stress.

  • It has different times of the day, morning, afternoon, evening, and nighttime.
  • It comes with a lo-fi radio station with a few different playlists and it also lets you play YouTube videos.
  • You can decorate your character, the room, and you also find cute little ‘spirits’ that keep you company.
  • There are many ambient sounds you can add like a fireplace crackling, thunder, rain, wind, birds, and a few others!

Here’s my room and character! I love the cute little spider spirit (named arachknit), he’s adorable!

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is perfect for anyone who enjoys cute aesthetics, relaxing background music, and needs a little gamified boost to their productivity and it really helps when I’m having anxious days.

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