This Week’s Oracle: Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability: The state of being exposed or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.

That’s a scary word isn’t it? Exposed. Wounded. Hurt. Those aren’t thing that we want to court, those aren’t things that we want to happen to us.

That’s why being vulnerable is so damn brave.

Being vulnerable with your love, with your story, with your art, with the things that you put your heart into. That is brave and beautiful and so needed in this world, despite the fear.

I’ve been on both sides of it. Being so vulnerable that it’s all I know and in doing so getting hurt all of the time. Getting tired of being hurt and then building walls around myself to stop it.

The key is trusting your judgment and insight.

Be vulnerable with those that you feel safe with. Showing your soft defenseless underbelly to the wrong people is what makes us feel like we have to have those walls up for our own self preservation. Not everyone you meet needs to see that part of you but you must also understand not everyone you meet will hurt you either. Trust yourself and trust the ones who are worthy of your confidence.

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

This week’s Oracle Card is from the Earth Magic deck by Steven Farmer. Here is the message I have for you today:

For some, the idea of being in such an open space is terrifying and in an expansive meadow like this, we may feel exposed and defenseless, lacking the perceived safety of an enclosed area. For others, walking through a meadow can be an exquisitely satisfying experience. We can feel comfortable in the openness and visibility, enjoying the 360-degree view with nothing but the sky above. 

Yes, we may still feel vulnerable, but with a twist.

This is vulnerability built on the foundation of trust rather than fear — the capacity to trust our own instincts to tell us of there are any potential threats we must respond to. By relying on this instinctual knowing, we can relax and enjoy the beauty that surround us. 

You are in a place now where you can take risks with your feelings, and even more important, take risks with the truth of who you are — the truth you know in your heart and soul.

You no longer need to be subjected to your conditioned fears of letting others know who you really are. Yes, others may judge, evaluate, criticize, and perhaps even put you down. These are very real possibilities. Yet by trusting that you have the strength to deal with these reactions — rather than responding adaptively and always playing it safe — you can more confidently allow yourself to be vulnerable. ((From the Earth Magic deck by Steven Farmer))

What’s your relationship with vulnerability? Do you easily allow yourself to be vulnerable?