Time Management

Time Management As Self-Care

As you probably know, I am officially working from home on Blessing Manifesting full-time. The change has been wonderful in so many ways but it also has some challenges. Mainly when it comes to time management. I knew that this was something that I was definitely going to struggle with so over the last month, I’ve made a list of some of the things that have helped me and if you have your own business or you’re working from home, they might help you too!

I wanted to share some

Make lists and prioritize your tasks.

If you’ve found yourself with overwhelming deadlines and excessive workloads the best thing you can do is start organizing your tasks. But you have to organize in a way that works for you. Some people like post-it notes. Lists with alarms. Trello (it’s my favorite). Traditional lists on paper. Dry-erase boards. It has to be something that’s fun but also something that’s not distracting and helps you feel organized. For me, half the battle is just feeling like I’ve got it together.

It also helps to have a routine where you have certain types of tasks lumped together so that you can get them all done at once.

If you find yourself going off-task, ask if it’s worth it.

And sometimes it is worth it. Sometimes you need a break or that 15 minutes will help you feel less stressed out. The key here is productive off-task. You want to still get where you’re going. If your go-to is endless scrolling through social media that just makes you feel bored, see if adding something enjoyable will help you feel more confident, motivated, and productive.

Set specific goals and break them down.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed I make a list of every single thing I need to do. I break down all my tasks into bite-sized pieces so I can get them all done. Sometimes it feels silly to put “get out of bed” “walk to the bathroom” etc on my to-do list. But being able to cross several things off at once makes me feel so good.

Set boundaries around your work and home.

Make sure that you’re able to walk away from work when it’s time for work to be finished. You need to have boundaries with your job. One thing that I get asked pretty often is how I feel about having to share my home address for a lot of my business-related necessities like my newsletter. If you want to maintain your privacy and keep your personal address to yourself. Use a virtual address from physicaladdress.com and have correspondence forwarded to you.

Set interim deadlines.

If you’re like me and you tend to wait until the very last minute to push for a deadline, try making multiple deadlines. That way you’re not doing a marathon to finish a project, you’re breaking it up into several smaller races.

Self-Care is its own reward.

I know that it is SO tempting to earn self-care. You tell yourself that you’ll give yourself a treat if you finish your list or you’ll plan something nice for yourself if you finish a big project. And if that works for you that’s awesome. But also make sure that you’re not using self-care as *just* a reward. You deserve self-care all the time, not just when you’re getting things done.

What are your time management tips?