Topsie-Turvy everything is upsy-daisy!

Today is Oracle Thursday which means I pull a card from one of my decks and share its message with you. Today the card is The Topsie – Turvets from Brian Froud’s The Faery’s Oracle. The Topsie – Turvets represent…

Change of view point, fresh viewpoint, new ways of seeing.

These little guys show up when you need to look at something in a different way. When you’re confused about something they’ll flip things upside-down and spin them around a bit, so that you’re so confused that you come out the other side with clarity you didn’t even existed!

Confusion equals growth because it gives you the opportunity to figure things out.

When you’re confused you need to try to see things from a different point of view. This is the gift of confusion, it leads to truth and it leads to clarity. It will give you the opportunity to ask the right questions, see if your assumptions are incorrect, and to take a step back from the situation so you can really see it.

It’s like standing on your head, sometimes you need to do it.

I’m sure when you were a kid you’d hang upside down, on monkey-bars, doing head-stands, or just hanging off of the couch or the bed so that the world flipped. Remember how everything looked so different and weird? You’d feel like you were in a magical world where gravity went bonkers. Do that with your problems.

Let go of your attachment to how things are. This is the most important part. Look at it upside-down, side-ways, spin around in a circle ’till you’re dizzy. There are so many ways to see a single situation! If you’re stuck on something look at it differently, ask someone else to look at it for you.

What are you going to look at in a Topsie turvy way? 

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