Treat Yo’ Self

One of my favorite comedies (and believe me I have a lot) is Parks and Recreation, it’s a great show and really funny. I know you know it – Treat yo’ self!

I love the episode where Tom and Donna have a “Treat Yo’ Self” Day.

Once a year they get together and go shopping to buy themselves extravagant things, or indulgent things that they might not otherwise buy. It’s a day of saying yes to everything that you want.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

They bring along one of their co-workers who’s not really into it but he ends up treating himself by buying something that he really wants. A Batman Costume. (Treat yo’ self!)

I love this episode because not only is it about pampering yourself and giving yourself permission to get what you want, it also shows that different things make people happy and that’s okay. One thing that I absolutely love about Self Care is how personalized it is.

You get to pick what makes YOU happy.

Even if it’s a Batman costume.

So here’s what I want you to do. Plan a day sometime in the next few weeks when you can treat yourself. You don’t have to do anything extravagant, you don’t even have to spend any money. Just do something for yourself to make yourself happy.

I plan on having a date with myself to go and see the movie Warm Bodies when it comes out in February. I am so excited! Treat yourself in ways that feel good to you physically, mentally, or emotionally! You deserve some time to yourself!

What are you going to do to treat yo’ self?

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