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Two Little Witches: Space Clearing

This morning I was sitting at my altar and I wanted to do a reading for you. So I asked the Oracle of Shadows and Light, “What do my readers need to know?” This card, the Two Little Witches popped up.

Time for magical space clearing!

space clearingEnergies build up in our homes. Have you ever been around someone who is angry and you can just feel it radiating off of them before they even say
anything? That kind of energy can linger in our homes.

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to start with a shiny clean slate. Two resources that I wholeheartedly recommend are Magical Housekeeping: Simple Charms and Practical Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home by Tess Whitehurst and The Goddess is in the Details by Deborah Blake.

You can cleanse your space with sound, with incense, with prayer, and guided visualization. One of the most popular ways, and my favorite, is to use a bundle of sage and other herbs. Sage is easily found at any metaphysical shop and is wonderful at making your space vibrate with positive energy.

You can take sage/incense and walk around your home, letting the smoke drift into every corner. Dissipating the energy found there. You can ask
your God/spirits/angels to bless your home with love and laughter. You can also drum or play music in each room, letting the vibrations
of the music clear the space.

Another thing that I love to do is take a little bit of lavender essential oil, put it in a little spray bottle with a bit of water and then I spray it in all of my favorite places. It creates a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere.

What’s your favorite way to clear your space?

space clearing