Understanding Your Triggers – Journaling Prompts

When we’re talking about triggers and how it relates to mental health- we usually mean a person, place, topic, thought, feeling, item, memory, or thing that sets off a trauma response.

In a broader definition, a trigger can also be anything that causes a stress response or an intense emotional reaction like depression or anxiety.

I feel like it’s important to talk about both. They both have an impact on our mental health and that's what this journal is all about!

The first part of the journal focuses on what situations most often cause trauma. Then we move on to what a response to trauma looks like - the physical and emotional signs that are most common.

Next, we build on that foundation to discover what things become triggers. How those triggers may be external (things outside of us like people or objects) or internal (thoughts, memories, and feelings).

After that, we move into 32 journaling prompts that focus on the stories behind what triggers you, the things that make you feel more vulnerable, and also the things that make you feel safe.

The information in this journal will help you to gain a better understanding of your triggers and how they fit into the big picture of your life and your relationships.

Because working through triggers can cause stress or trauma responses I really encourage you to work through this with your therapist, mental health professional, or with a strong support system!

Understanding Your Triggers - What's Inside the Journal

  • A 35-Page PDF (With a black and white version for easy printing)
  • 32 Journaling Prompts of Triggers and Trauma
  • Stress Responses vs Trauma Responses
  • Why Journaling is Awesome
  • Examples of Trauma
  • Types of Triggers
  • Potential Triggers
  • Internal vs External Triggers
  • Feelings Behind Your Triggers
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn
  • Physical and Emotional Responses
  • Trigger Associations

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Understanding Your Triggers
Understanding Your Triggers
Understanding Your Triggers