Walking With the Goddess

When the first scent of autumn touches the air I find my Spirit starting to yawn, move, stretch up her arms to the sky, she shakes off the dust that’s covering her.
Autumn is the time in my Spirit-Cycle where I wake up. I start to move into the spirit realm, I start to dance with my spirituality again. It’s always a bit quiet the rest of the year. I’ve learned that my spirituality changes with seasons. Like a planet rotating around the sun. This is when I get closer. Where the sun shines on me.

This month I am listening to the call of my spirituality and walking with the Goddess.

I am walking my Goddess Path. I ask that you walk it to, in whatever that means to you. Do things that embrace the Spirit of the Goddess, or the Goddess in you, or just make you feel like a Goddess. Embrace the magic and the energy of the season.

Here’s how I’m walking with the Goddess right now.


Music has always been able to move me through my spirituality. I’ve always loved Pagan-y songs so I decided to make a playlist of all the songs that were my favorite 7ish years ago when I was really into the music. Oh, nostalgia! This playlist takes me back to the scent of incense and the feeling of magic, and seeing candles glowing all around me. I hope that you enjoy it.

The past few weeks of really listening to the music has helped me dive deeper into my spirituality as well as unearth some of the things I used to love about my spiritual path. What things make you feel spiritually nostalgic?


I’ve been incorporating ritual into my every day again. It’s really not hard to create a magical lifestyle. I used to get really hung up on looks and tools and doing things right. Magic isn’t like that though. It isn’t about crystals or expensive oils or herbs harvested from your garden. It’s all about intention and let me be honest 70% of my magic is going outside every time it rains and dancing in it.
Here’s what my daily ritual looks like.
I wake up and make a cup of tea. I hold the mug in my hands and then I give myself a little pep talk about how I want my day to go. I take my vitamins, magnesium included, and ask it to help me to have a calm and anxiety-free day.
I get home and I light candles and incense to fill my living room with smelly goodness. It creates sacred space. It tells me that this space that I am in right now is special and meaningful.
I take a shower and focus on washing away the energies of the day, releasing all of the things that happened to me throughout my day.
Then I sit down, in my sacred space and write, or read, or relax, or play video games, and all of those things are magic because I am making them so.

Sacred in the Mundane

The only difference between sacred and mundane is how you choose to see it. It’s entirely subjective and that’s so awesome to me. Sacred is unique to you and your relationship with God. It’s not the same for everyone. I wanted to share how that allows us to be empowered and to invite the Divine into our lives on a daily basis.

I was thinking about my day, of the little rituals that make up my day, and how they connect me so deeply to my version of the Divine. They became sacred because of how they make me feel and the connection that they give me to the lifeblood of my existence. Taking a warm bath and submerging myself under the water is connection. Cleaning my sacred space invites connection. Dancing in the dark makes me feel that tether to something bigger and greater than myself. It’s amazing what mundane things can become the glue that holds us to our faith.

How are you embracing the magic of the season?