Waves of Love

Want to know a secret? I haven’t blogged in ten days. Maybe you noticed, or maybe you didn’t. I pride myself on my (mostly) consistent blogging because in my life it’s pretty easy not to be consistent and you might not know it, but I can be pretty flighty. I have commitment issues.

What have I been up to?

I’ve been soaking up inspiration, creativity, and healing. I’m pretty good at recognizing the signs of burn-out and doing what I need to do before I fully reach that point.

I’ve got burn-out-busting skills.

Whenever I start feeling the yucky feelings cropping up I immediately go into Epic Self Care Mode. I cut out the daily biz things that aren’t absolutely necessary. I sleep a lot, or spend time reading a lot, or hours in a warm bath. Water is a great healer to me. When I take a wee step back, turn my energy inward instead of outward, fill up my inner well, immerse myself in love for myself and love for what I do, things start getting better. It’s a bit of an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” thing. When I step back it allows me to wholly and fully appreciate what I do and why I do it.

Allow yourself to step back, but don’t allow yourself to run away.

If you’re doing something that matters to you, that makes you happy, that fills you up, don’t let a bad week, or even a bad month make you think that you should give up. When you put a lot of energy, love, and devotion into a project sometimes your reserves get low and you have to give them time to replenish themselves. It’s not a sign that it’s not meant to be. It’s not a sign that you ought to give up.

This week’s oracle card from the Gaia Oracle is Ocean of Eternal Love and the message is so spot on for where I’ve been the last few weeks. Love has an amazing power to heal. It has the ability to change and transform the things around us. This card reminds us of that power.

Now is the time to plant seeds in a barren land and watch them begin to flourish. This could be a project that we’ve been scared to start, or something inside of us that we are willing to work on. If we allow ourselves to love through the process it gives us the power to make the changes and the miracles that are waiting to burst into our lives.

What in your life needs a few waves of love crashing over it?