Weekly Check-In Worksheets

weekly check-in worksheets

I created these weekly check-in worksheets because the practice of checking in with myself and asking myself what I need and then thinking about that answer had a huge impact on my life. It helped me learn to acknowledge what I need instead of ignoring it. It helped me learn how to communicate those wants and needs to other people. And it helped me build a life around myself that I was in love with.

We can't fix/change/improve things when we're not acknowledging there's an issue and I've found that we get so caught up in our everyday lives that it's hard to see the issues until they cause harm in our lives. These weekly check-in worksheets can help us see where we might be neglecting aspects of ourselves and our lives. They can also help us see patterns and what's contributing in a positive or negative way! You can also take a look at my Instagram where I frequently share similar prompts!

weekly check-in worksheets
weekly check-in worksheets

What's Inside the Weekly Check-In Worksheets!

  • weekly check-in worksheets19-page colorful PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing!)
  • Digital fill-in is enabled which means you can fill in the PDF digitally right from your phone or computer
  • Three general check-in pages (One for adults, one for teens, and one for kids!)
  • Stress Check-In
  • Self-Care Check-In
  • Chronic Illness Check-In
  • Mental Health Check-In
  • Therapy Session Check-In
  • Relationship Check-In


Then we have several mini check-in cards. These would be great to cut out and put in your journal or planner.

  • Boundaries
  • Energy Levels
  • Gratitude
  • Struggles
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Self-Care

You'll also get a .ZIP file of all the worksheets as single PDFs.

Looking for Single Worksheets?

weekly kids check in
weekly self-care check in