What Are Your Core Needs?

What do you need today?
core needs

Your core is the essential, most important part of who you are and it’s important that you nourish that part. So often we put ourselves on autopilot in our day-to-day. Sleep. Eat. Work/School. Rinse and repeat. We’re so busy functioning and paying bills and responsibilities that we forget to do those things that nourish our core self.

Who are you at your core and what things fuel that part of you? Really take a moment to think about that. Who are you when you are at your most authentic self? Shed those layers, just for a moment, of all of the things that you have to be and just focus on who you are. Priestess. Mystic. Witch. Free Spirit. Adventurer. Traveler. Warrior. Activist. Creator. Artist. Writer. Reader. Dancer. Yogi. Singer.

What word would you use to describe yourself?

Ask yourself what awakens that part of who you are. What makes you feel like those things? What actions are physical manifestations of those things in your life? Light that fire inside of yourself.

What does your core need right now? What is that thing that you need so badly that if someone took it away from you forever you just might lose your mind? I’m not talking about your basic essentials like food and oxygen. I mean the thing that your soul is yearning for right now.

Are you the one depriving yourself of those things? Are you telling yourself that you’re too busy and just don’t have the time? That it can be pushed aside for now and you’ll make time later?

Maybe one of those needs is your creativity. Imagine if someone told you that you could never write again, or draw, or paint. It’s one of those things that would crush you, but when was the last time you did those things?

Let’s talk about the other core needs.

Not only do you have to honor who you are at the core, but the other things that keep you a happy and functioning human.

Your Mental Health.

Your mental health matters. So how’s that brain of yours treating you and how are you treating your brain?

If you’re feeling really depressed, anxious, drained or your mental health is in any other way suffering – it’s something that deserves to be #1 priority. Not when you have time, not when you get a day off, but now.

Your mental health (or lack thereof) can have so many long term physical and mental effects, so it’s so important that you’re on top of it. Practice coping skills! #MentalHealthMatters

Your Self-Care.

I’m always going to tell you how important self-care is. Ideally, you want to be able to spend an hour a day on yourself. Doing something you love. Connecting with your core-self, people who light you up, or things that calm you down.

I know that life gets in the way, surviving gets in the way, and sometimes it’s just not possible. If time or energy or other responsibilities are getting in the way then try to practice micro-self-care. Mini acts of self-care practiced in five-minute increments.

Your Overall Needs.

Let me preface this by saying that meeting your needs isn’t always easy. In fact, I often advocate doing the hard stuff first because those are often the most important ones.

Do the hard stuff. Make boundaries with yourself or with others. Do those things that you’ve been procrastinating on.

What is your core need this month?

Maybe it’s a little need and that’s okay too, as long as you make time for it.

I thought I’d share mine.

Spirituality is my core need right now. I’m focusing on embracing my faith today.