What Are Your Self-Care Pathways?

Over on Patreon, I’m doing monthly themes and this month, we’re talking about Self-Love Languages. I’ve talked about it before but instead of taking inspiration from the original Love Languages, I really wanted to put my own spin on it. “Self-Love Languages” just wasn’t working for me and that was throwing my whole creative vibe off. I put up a poll on Patreon and I have to give a huge thanks to Lauren O. for her suggestion of ‘pathways’. That’s how the Self-Care Pathways was born.

Self-love happens when we learn how to nurture ourselves in ways that feel good.

When we are able to give our needs attention, when we make time for ourselves, when we’re truly checking in and saying ‘what’s going to make this day better for me?’ so many wonderful things start happening. Our stress levels lower, our boundaries get better, we feel increased self-esteem, and more happiness.
And the most important part of that is – most of those changes start with small steps and tiny, everyday, actions.

Enter the Self-Care Pathways.

These pathways represent the different ways we can nurture ourselves. Whether it’s through caring for our bodies, connecting with nature, expressing our creativity, or engaging in mindfulness, (or a little bit of everything) each pathway offers a unique avenue to explore what self-love means to us personally. Ask yourself this:
Does this make me feel loved?
There’s no right or wrong way to explore these pathways. It’s about finding ways to fill up your cup, make sure that you’re feeling loved and taken care of, and that you’re making yourself a priority.

Pampering: focusing on physical wellness and things that make your body feel good.
Soothing: creating tranquil & comforting environments that cater to your sensory needs
Adventure: stepping out of your comfort zone, or routine, & seeking new experiences
Social: valuing meaningful interactions, support systems, and time with friends
Creative: channeling energy into creative projects and finding joy in art
Nature: finding peace and connection when outside or surrounded by nature
Play: celebrating play and connecting to your inner child and having fun
Growth: figuring yourself out, self-improvement, & curiosity about the world around you
Mindful: cultivating inner peace and calm and being in the present moment

What Are Your Self-Care Pathways?