What is the Behavior Chain Analysis?

The Chain Analysis of Problem Behavior, or Behavior Chain Analysis, is an exercise in DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) that we can use to analyze our problematic behavior by looking at what caused it and then the consequences of it. I made these awesome worksheets that walk you through how you can apply it to your life! You can also find it on Etsy!

Let’s say the Problem Behavior is getting angry and throwing your partner’s phone.

We start at the prompting event: You wanted to spend time with your partner and they were on their phone.

The vulnerability: Your ex used to be on the phone around you and they were secretly cheating and talking to that person.

Then we do: thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Like feeling suspicious, betrayed, heartbroken, unable to stop thinking about it, anxiety.

Then we go to the action: Throwing the phone

Consequences: Your partner was upset with you, you felt absolutely terrible, cry-migraines

The final outcome: Your partner felt unsafe with you and it effected the trust in the relationship

So now we can see the whole picture of those behaviors, right? I also love it for enforcing and encouraging GOOD behaviors. Like acknowledging when you handle things awesomely and the outcome was positive!


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