what i've been up tp

What I’ve been up to this month!

Have you been wondering what i’ve been up to? At this moment I’m watching the movie “Brave” while covered up in a nice warm blanket (as is my way) relaxing while a corn bag sits on my belly warming the monthly cramps away. I can think of worse ways to spend my day.

My day job has been hectic and crazy, with more hours put in than I’d have liked, but I am glad the holiday rush is over. I’m glad that normal can return.

My heart is still a bit aching and sore in some ways, as stories of violence done to women and children pervade the news. I just breathe through that and remember how important it is to just love, love, love.

Have you recovered from the holidays yet?

I hope yours were full of joy, bounty, and much merriment. I celebrated the holidays in a quite way, my own way.

It was what I needed. It nourished me in a way that I was desperately seeking. I needed it so badly. It allowed me to get my head where it needed to be. I’ve been a bit quiet online, but it’s been the good kind of quiet.

The kind of quiet that means I’m up to something!

I’ve been working on (and 99% finished with!) my latest project, the 2013 Self Love Planner + Workbook. I’m so excited about it. It’s the best thing (by far) that I’ve created. If it was a pregnancy it would be an easy one. I have no worries about birthing it out into the world.

With all of my other projects and e-books I’ve always felt this huge fear and rush of insecurity and not-good-enoughness. I always drag my feet towards the end of a project, trying to delay it and then rushing around like I’m losing my mind when I hit a deadline and I’m not finished. It’s all frantic and fearful.

Not this time.

I believe it will go out into the world (by the end of the month!!!!) and do what it needs to do and all will be right with the world. That my dears, is a good feeling to have. Means I’ve got my head in the proper place. *nods*

Random topic of conversation here: Is anyone else addicted to Downton Abbey? It’s been my company through most of the putting together of the workbook and it makes the work even more enjoyable. I work better with mild distractions! In the last few weeks I’ve made it through seasons one and two and I am loathing and anticipating the watching of season 3, it’s always sad when you catch up!

I’ve been feeling a lot of transformation happening within myself lately.

Oftentimes I teeter between wanting to change and actually finding the energy or motivation to do so. Take my spirituality for example, it’s so easy to want to devote time in my day to prayer and meditation, yet I find myself sleeping in so that I don’t have the time, or staying up late reading. There comes a point when you must decide wishful thinking vs really truly wanting it. For me, it’s involving a lot of resistance, in a lot of areas of my life, but I feel like this is the time to sort it all out in my head and make those sorts of commitments!

It’s all good stuff.

I think that’s the gift the end of the year gives us, we are forced to look backwards and see what we have been, so we may look forward and discover who we want to become. I feel like each new year presents itself as a blank canvas, ready to be painted with whatever colors we choose. What colors has this year been for you? I would say that mine have been soft blues and purples. The year before that felt quite grey. I think this year shall be yellow, with bursts of turquoise and purple and pink.

Is it odd that I think in colors?

I think it’s time for me to wander off to bed, maybe with a pit-stop to a warm bath first. Tonight I plan on writing and writing and writing. So many things to share. What I learned in 2012, What I learned from my business in 2012, my word of the year, and a new version of 39 Things You Need to Know in 2012 (One of my most popular posts ever!).

I look forward to seeing you around!

“Our fate lives within us. We only have to be brave enough to see it.”