What makes you feel like a Goddess?

My vacation from the retail job is coming to a close and as it ends I’m finding myself thinking about all of the little things that keep me happy. What fills me with joy? Or keeps me sane through juggling 40-hour work weeks and my job here. What makes me feel like a Goddess?

A nice cup of hot tea while reading a book by SARK is a favorite. So are luxurious naps and sitting out on my balcony enjoying the fresh air. Taking a walk in the early morning for caramel frappuccinos are also on my list of favorites. Here is a list of some of my absolute favorite ways to tap into Goddess energy. What are yours?

What’s a Goddess without her temple?

One of the easiest ways to get me feeling all aglow and happy is having a living space that reflects that. I decorate in my favorite colors. I make sure that my apartment is properly aired out with open windows, and that things are clean and smell nice. Coming home after a long day of work instantly relaxes me and makes me feel good. Keeping my sacred space comfortable is a great way to be good to myself.

Keep your feet on the ground.

Literally. Walking barefoot over the earth instantly forges a deep connection. Grounding exercises go just that – ground you. Keeping you firmly in touch with your body. Walking barefoot actually helps me relieve anxiety. It allows me to focus on my inner self and what’s underneath me. I feel like part of Mama Earth. Sometimes I imagine I have roots coming out of my feet (if I’m standing) or the base of my spine (if I am sitting). I imagine my roots reaching deep down into the earth, calming me.

Give yourself permission to dance.

I’ve sure I’ve mentioned this again and again and again but I love dancing and listening to music and moving my body. I’ve been guilty of saying that I can’t dance, that I have no rhythm, but the truth is none of that really matters. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance in a way that would please other people, as long as you dance in a way that pleases and makes your body happy. I put on good music and I let my body sway to it in a natural and intuitive way.

It makes me become aware of my body, of movement, and it makes me feel powerful and beautiful.

Hold space for someone else. 

When I help guide someone through loneliness or sadness or heartbreak, I get deeply in touch with my own heart. When I sit and listen to someone tell me about their life or about their problems I hold a space of love and compassion for them and in turn it deepens the well within myself. I find myself developing a greater sense of those things for myself and my mistakes and problems as well.

Being a light for others and being a positive force allows me to truly see the change that I can be to the world and that is a good feeling.

Embrace your creative.

Whether it’s being creative with words or paints or recipes for food, tapping into your creativity can inspire you to see the talented Goddess that you are. I love being able to make things, even when they don’t come out perfect or the way that I want them to, being able to see my own potential and envisioning what I am capable of doing always gives me a burst of juicy mojo.

What do you do to feel like a Goddess?