What Self Care Looks Like On a Rainy Morning

Hello lovely readers! How was your Thanksgiving? Hopefully you’re enjoying your leftovers and the extra feeling of gratitude that abounds around this time of the year. My holiday was crazy busy as always. As most of you know, I also work a retail job and Black Friday means crazy hours, only one day off, and a lot of overtime. I feel like today is my first day back to normalcy. It is the first day that I can really take a step back, breathe, and sink back into myself. I feel exhausted and cranky and I find myself with only one thing on my mind and I’m sure you can guess what it is.

Self care. Glorious thing that it is.

I’ve got my pajamas, that are covered in cute little cats, my corn bag (you pop it in the microwave and it’s the best heating pad ever), a cup of tea, warm socks, candles (lavender!) and the intention to relax. To breathe. To sit and mindfully let my body relax. Let my shoulders sink down, let my jawtea1 un-clench, letting my head lean back a bit. Loosening. Softening. Reminding myself that I don’t have to be “on” right now.

Sometimes self care is as simple as giving yourself permission to be “off”. To shut down, wind down, and remind yourself that there’s nothing pressing happening right now in this moment that can’t wait. That this moment belongs purely to you and not to your responsibilities or your to-do list.

This is your reminder: Practice self care today.

Shut off for a few minutes or an hour if you can manage it. Seek peace and calm and silence or whatever it is that your soul needs right now.

I’d love to hear about how you’re taking care of you today!

What does self care look like for you right now?