self-care mood

What Self-Care Mood Are You?

I was thinking up social media posts and I was hit with the inspiration to make a self-care mood list! I’d love to know which one resonates with you the most and then I’d like you to go and spend a morning/afternoon/evening doing that thing!

Zen Mood

Candles. Incense. Calming music. Meditation. Yoga. Savasana. Mantra. Inner peace.

This one is my anxiety go-to. It always helps me feel calm and centered which is something that I frequently need in my life. For yoga suggestions, I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene and as for calming music? Dancing Shiva by Sacred Earth is my #1.

Writer Mood

Journaling. Headphones. Indie music. Writing. Feeling feelings. Essential oils. Pajamas.

I always write when I’m in bed so that was the inspiration for this mood. While I miss notebooks and *actual* writing, I’ve been using the journaling app “Journey” and I really like it. Ben Howard’s Promise is my favorite kind of writing music and I love love love Simply Earth’s essential oils.

Book Love Mood

Books. Cozy blankets. Soft pillows. Hot tea. Nature sounds. ASMR. Cuddly animals.

And here we would find Dominee in her natural habitat. Right now I’m re-reading Outlander and curled up with a blanket with the AC on super cold and my cats curled up in my lap.

Creative Mood

Art. Loud music. Bright colors. Coffee. Day dreaming. Photographs. Paint. Creativity.

And who doesn’t love an afternoon of paint stained hands? Whether your brand of creativity is paint, sculpting, crocheting, or something completely different, tap into the creative spirit within you.

self-care mood

Outdoor Mood

Sunshine. Fresh air. Laughter. Movement. Sweat. Hiking. Long walks. Swimming.

This one is another favorite, especially around this time of the year. I love taking a walk through the park and soaking up much needed vitamin D and if I’m feeling it, I might even do a bit of jogging.

Pampering Mood

Spa days. Homemade face masks. Nail polish. Mani/pedis. Long bubble baths. Chocolate.

We all need to take some time to just love on our bodies and pamper ourselves. At-home spa days are the best.

What’s your self-care mood?

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