What stresses you out and whatcha gonna do about it?

Mornin’ Lovey! Today’s post was originally going to be some cool wallpapers (for your phone too) but life got busy, so I’m sharing a worksheet page from my Emotional Awareness Workbook, which you get when you purchase a Sacred Spirit Session. Awesome stuff.

Anyhoo, this worksheet is about coming up with a plan for your stress. When you get stressed out which, let’s be honest, it happens, you can either run around screaming “OH NOES! I’M SO STRESSED!” or…

You can do something about it.

As I write this (it’s actually Monday morning, posting from the past to the future, for the win!) there’s a whole bunch of construction going on right above my head. A few months ago my apartment complex got new owners and they are doing some serious remodeling on all of the apartments around me.

I happen to be so lucky (insert sarcasm) to work the night shift at my job, which means I sleep in the afternoons. Right in the thick of buzzing, poundings, and wall-shakings! Over the last few months I’ve fallen asleep to the sound of hammering, miscellaneous machinery, and the sound of breaking tile. Fun stuff. As I write this, I’m pretty sure they’re using a jackhammer up above me. It’s super loud, it’s making me and my apartment shake, and it’s stressing me ooooout.

When I say stress, I mean stress. I’m all panic-y about it. I want peace, quiet, and calm. I want sleeeeeeep. I want to stop feeling like the ceiling is going to cave in on me.

This is a Stress Creator. So what can I do? 

Aside from asking them to stop, which isn’t very realistic, I can take deep breaths. When the noise stops for a few minutes I can stretch and release tension. I can dab a bit of lavender on my neck, allow myself to relax, get my super awesome calming crystals and make the best of it. Cause the apartments here are tiny so it’s not going to last forever!

This worksheet has a section for Stress Creators such as apartment construction, and Stress Relievers like my crystals (I’m feeling my Celestite today).

I really want you to be aware of what stresses you out and how best for you to handle it. You’d be surprised at how helpful it can be to have a ready made list of de-stressers!

Download it here!

What are your de-stressing secrets? I’d love to hear them!