What’s your 2015 Anthem?

If you bought the 2015 Self Love Planner you probably saw that there’s a page to choose your 2015 Theme Song. The last few years I’ve taken to choosing a song and making it my anthem for the year. We all need a really great song that we can rock out to when we’re feeling sad or unsure of ourselves. Something to get the blood pumping through our veins to remind us that we are alive and that there is a purpose for us.

My song for 2014 was I Am Light by India.Arie, the year before that it was Spotlight by Patrick Stump, and before that Firework by Katy Perry. We need all the tools we can get to help us make it through the year with happiness, with joy, and with a little bit of rhythm in the swing of our hips.

What song makes you happy? Makes you want to get up and move and puts a smile on your face?

Why don’t you pick your 2015 anthem? Your song can be anything you want it to be. Maybe the lyrics resonate with your spirit, maybe you like the beat, maybe it makes you laugh, or makes you cry, or inspires you to dance wildly around your house in your underwear. Or maybe that’s just me.

You can go with something classic like Walking on Sunshine or something that makes you feel like everything is all right in the world like Gang of Rhythm. Let your self-love shine through with songs that reinforce being your own best friend like Keep Holding On. If you want something that makes you laugh there’s always All Star. Are you happy being just who you are listen to Melody by Kate Earl and if you like a little bit of country how about Great Day to Be Alive?

My song this year is from a new-to-me artist Mary Lambert and her song Secrets

Remember how I talked about showing up and being Vulnerable? This song is all about that.


They tell us from the time we’re young

To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves

Inside ourselves

I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well I’m over it

Yeah, I’m in love with the song and I want to share the love! Comment on this post by January 1st and tell me what your 2015 Anthem is and I’ll pick three lucky winners to receive a free copy of the mp3 Secrets from Amazon.com!

If you’re in need of some more ideas check out Body Boosting Jams and What’s Your Song for 2014

I showed you mine! Care to share yours?