What’s Your Self Worth?

I was looking through my Angels, Gods, and Goddesses deck when this card called out to me to be shared and it’s really appropriate to how I’m feeling right now.

This is for anyone that lets other people undervalue them.

If you are currently undervaluing yourself or letting others undervalue you it’s time to stop. Have you ever settled for something or someone because you didn’t think you deserved any better? Or you don’t let yourself dream that you can have anything better or be anything better because you just don’t deserve it.

Or maybe you do believe that you deserve better but you don’t know how to say it or how to make it happen or you’re scared that it won’t happen so you hunker down and settle for something that’s not nourishing and doesn’t truly make you happy.

It’s time to regain your self-worth.

Stop letting other people take advantage of you and stop believing that you deserve it. Stop settling for a life that doesn’t make you happy just because you feel like you aren’t worthy of anything better.

You are worthy.

Your self-worth is assigned to you by no one but you. Start believing that you deserve all of the things that you want. You deserve to be respected by the people around you. You deserve to have a job that fills you up and makes you happy, but most of all, you deserve to believe it.

Do you value yourself? Do the people around you value you and show it?