When the body says “rest”: REST

The theme for this month in the Self Love Planner was Rest. It couldn’t be a more perfect reminder for me. Every year about this time I burrow inside of myself. I don’t want to do anything. I want to rest, I want to recoup, I want to enjoy the leaves falling and the coolness in the air and I want to think of nothing.

But I never think of nothing though.

Each year I fall into a depression and I’ve realized it’s because I resist. I fight against that feeling of curling up and hiding inside of my shell. I try to force myself out and my soul starts kicking and screaming I don’t want to. So often I end up at war with myself.

This time is different. This time I’m listening.

This year has been full of new experiences and life challenges and the ensuing wisdom that follows. One thing that I have learned is that it is essential to take care of myself so that I can then be fully and wholly me. There’s no need for guilt or recriminations or I should be doing this or that. Taking care of myself is always a top priority. The other stuff hinges on that, even if I like to believe otherwise for the sake of busy.

So I have listened to my mind and my body and my heart when it says rest and I softly sink inside of myself and float there in the silence.


And slowly I feel myself being drawn out, being called to create, to move, to dance, to sing loudly at the top of my lungs. It’s a special kind of bliss. Listen to your body, listen to that inner voice that always knows what you want, when you need it. It won’t lead you astray.

Speaking of creativity I wanted a new wallpaper for my phone so I made some and I wanted to share them with you! Over in the SoulSisterhood I asked if there were any themes or words you needed reminded of and you answered beautifully. If you’re like me you’re probably on your phone a lot so why miss out on gently reminding yourself to breathe or to embrace your wildness or your beauty?
You can find the wallpapers on the freebies page!