Where Does Your Inner Voice Come From?

Where Does Your Inner Voice Come From?

Continuing our exploration on the Foundations of Self-Love and our Inner Voice, I want you to ask yourself: Where does your inner voice come from?

Our inner voice is often a product of our childhoods or early experiences. The things that we’re told over and over and over become that voice that we hear in our heads.

Sometimes that voice is one of someone who has been abusive to us and sometimes it’s the voice of mental illness.

In my early 20s, my negative self-talk wasn’t so much abuse (that came in a later relationship) but a lack of positive feedback and a healthy dose of depression. And depression was mean.

The voice of depression told me over and over again that no one cared about me and never would. The fatigue and lack of interest in life made me feel like I was worthless. It was so hard to hear anything outside of that voice, even the people that loved me.

When I started to manage my depression, those default thoughts were still something that I needed to overcome. They didn’t just disappear but at that time, I had the tools to realize that Depression lies, and I don’t have to believe everything that I think.

Abusive words also seem to find a home in our brains.

Sometimes that abuse comes from our parents and sometimes from our relationships. When we’re told the same story over and over again, we believe it. We believe that we are bad, or not enough, or that there is something wrong with us.

And even when we’re out of those relationships or away from those situations – we still hear those abusive words, and sometimes it starts to sound like our voice.

An important part of changing the way we talk to ourselves is acknowledging who (or what) taught that voice in our heads how to talk in the first place. And then we record over it with nice things and loving and compassionate things.

We teach that voice better.

You deserve more than being stuck with the echoes of the horrible things that have been said to you. They are not true.

Don’t stop until that dialogue changes.

You ARE good enough.
You ARE worthy of being loved.
And you are wonderful and amazing and loving and you make a difference to the people around you.

Where Does Your Inner Voice Come From?