Simply Earth Essential Oils

Why I love Simply Earth Essential Oils

I’ve written about my love of essential oils many times before on the blog. Today I’m going to talk about Simply Earth Essential Oils and why I have a total crush on them.

Let me give you a code first first!

If you decide to purchase a subscription to their monthly recipe box, use the code DOMINEEFREE to get a $40 gift card with your purchase. You’ll also get a free “Bonus Box” which will have goodies we’ll talk about later!

Simply Earth sent me their March Essential Oil Recipe Box in exchange for an honest review. So here you go: I love them. I love them A LOT.

I used to buy my essential oils from my favorite metaphysical shop here in town, but when they closed I started just buying them from the grocery store because I’m cheap (I admit it). I thought about signing up for DoTerra or Young Living but A) I hate selling stuff so I’m pretty sure I would have bombed and b) their Lavender Oil runs $25-$30 for a 15ml bottle and, as I said, cheap-o here.

Here’s why I love Simply Earth Essential Oils

Let’s get down to it – their lavender oil is $12, so – I’m sold. Not really, although affordability is a huge aspect for me. Their oils are also 100% pure and toxin-free which is something you’re not likely to find in a supermarket.

They also donate 13% of their profits to end human trafficking. Each month they choose a different organization and for March they are donating to Disrupting Traffick which helps provide community housing to empower survivors of human trafficking.

The March Recipe Box

The Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box is a monthly subscription box that comes with four 15ml bottles of pure essential oils and supplies and recipes to create 6 natural home, body, and wellness products.

Each month also has a theme and March’s box is “Mood”.

The Essential Oils

The March Box has four essential oils, Patchouli, Orange, Cypress, and Energy Blend.

The oils smell amazing and it’s really easy to use them. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the essential oils to drip out of the bottles but I didn’t have that problem.

It also comes with a card that gives you all the info about each oil. If they’re safe for pets, kids, and pregnancy, their uses, ingredients, and any safety information.

The Recipes

I love the recipes! I usually go for blends that I don’t have to mix myself but I did three of these recipes and it was incredibly easy and they smelled so good. (Was I worried I was going to spill oil all over myself? Shmaybe.)

Here are the recipes for the March Box:

  • Persevere Roll On
  • Creative Zone Diffuser
  • DIY Lava Rock Diffuser
  • DIY Reed Diffuser
  • Anxiety Relief Inhaler
  • It’s Okay to Grieve Blend

Bonus: Whimsy Diffuser and Joy Diffuser Blends


Diffuser Reeds: You mix water, witch hazel (or alcohol), with your essential oils, in a small jar, add the reeds, and it slowly releases the scent.

Lava Beads: Lava beads absorb the essential oils and release the scent. You can create a bracelet or necklace or you can put them in a small bowl.

Aromatherapy Inhaler: It’s just a white tube that holds the scent of an essential oil on a piece of cotton so you can easily get the scent of your favorite blend when you’re out and about.

The Big Bonus Box (Free)

If you subscribe to the recipe box, you’ll also get the Big Bonus box, which is seriously awesome for being free. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Six 5ml amber bottles
  • Six 10ml amber roll-on bottles
  • 12 oz. jar of solid coconut oil
  • 4 oz. bottle of liquid coconut oil
  • 4 oz. bottle of almond oil
  • 2 oz. bag of beeswax pellets

So how does that sound?

If you decide to purchase a subscription to the monthly recipe box, use the code DOMINEEFREE for a $40 gift card that you can use for your next box or to buy single oils.