Winter Self Care: Embrace Hibernation

For as long as I can remember Autumn and Winter have been my favorite seasons. My childhood is full of wonderful winter memories. In the two houses I lived in growing up, I picked the coldest rooms, the remodeled attic and then basement. It was always freezing in the winter time and I loved it, often keeping my window cracked for even more blissful cold air.

Some of my favorite memories are of being snuggled up with a ton of blankets, a book in my hands, and a hot cup of cocoa. That was bliss to teenage Dominee.

Now I effin’ hate winter.

I know, it makes me sad too. It happened gradually. I went from living up north in a state that had those idyllic snowy winters to a southern state where ice is more common than snow and it’s really really windy. And brown and bleak looking. And kinda depressing. I’m just not into winter anymore. It used to be all about the magic of snowflakes and snowball fights and holidays. Now I just hate getting out of bed in the morning because it’s cold out there and bed is so nice and warm. Ahh, bed. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I have noticed that winter is a time for more self care.

Not only does it make the winter blues go away a little bit, but it also adds another layer to the season. Time for me. I do find ways to enjoy winter even though it’s no longer my favorite. I wanted to share with you some winter-specific ways to add self care into your life. ((If you want even more self care info, check out the 2017 Self Love Workbook.))

Seek Warmth

All over. Emotionally and physically. Drink warm drinks like tea and hot chocolate and enjoy the time relaxing and sip sip sipping as the warmth seeps into your hands and moves through you. Buy extra warm socks or slippers to wear around the house. I have cow socks. They are awesome. Have a favorite blanket and wrap it around yourself (Neon blue leopard-print for the win!). Curl up on the sofa and watch your favorite childhood movies and enjoy the memories. Make a corn cozie to warm your feet before bed.

Pamper Your Body

Winter and your lovely skin don’t always coexist well. Am I the only one that gets really itchy legs? Lotion and moisturizers are your friend. Use them. Especially if you take lots of hot baths like me. If your lips have a tendency to get dry, use lip balm. Protect your body with warm coats and gloves and scarfs. Your body is awesome. Keep it warm and safe.

Embrace the Concept of Hibernation

We might not be able to gorge ourselves on food and then sleep for weeks at a time but there is something to be said for turning your focus inside of yourself and towards your home, that sacred magical place where you lay your head each night. What makes you happy there? What makes it a place you want to come home to each day? Create a cozy atmosphere for yourself and then sit back and enjoy it.

Reconnect With Yourself and Others

One of the cornerstones of self care is Connection With Self. Spending time with yourself, doing the things that you enjoy, and loving every minute of it. Read a good book, spend time drawing or working on a puzzle, or crocheting or one of the many things that you enjoy doing. Reach out and take the time to connect with the people around you in a real way. Spend time in conversation. Real heart-to-heart conversation.

Do What Makes You Happy

At the end of the day, the best self care is the kind that makes you happy. Sit outside and enjoy the cold. Sit by the fire and enjoy the heat. Take lots of photos of your personal Winter Wonderland. Go to sleep early or stay up late watching snowflakes fall in the darkness. Winter is what you make of it!

What is your Winter Self Care Routine?


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