winter hibernation

Winter Solstice a Time of Reflection

The Winter Solstice is coming upon us, and I do not know about you, but with the first wintery wind, I was feeling the effects of it.

A time for Quiet. Withdrawal. Reflection.

It hit me harder than it has in years past, maybe because this year has been one of movement and passion, and so many wonderful things. Now is the time to sit with it, process everything, and begin refilling the well.

It’s kind of nice.

I’ve learned over this past year when to take a break. When to slow down and when to step back. In the beginning I was so afraid that taking a break would make me fall into laziness, it would make me lose my passion and motivation, so I would push and push until I felt burnt out and yucky.

The lesson that finally sunk in was that when I choose to step back and relax before it gets to that point, I am so much happier!

When I take a break at the precise moment when my mind and body first tells me to, I spend that break resting, yet at the same time feeling love and passion for my business. When I’m ready to dive back in again it’s with excited fingers that are ready to dance over the keyboard joyously. Right now, it’s all about slow, sluggish, energy, but there’s excitement underneath it all. Reflections of gratitude and transformation.

Today’s Oracle Card is Winter Solstice from the Earth Magic deck.

In the card you see a still and quiet scene, the bare trees reflected on the cold waters of the lake. The reflection reminds us that this is a time for us to go inside, physically and internally. It’s time to contemplate and review the year. Honor whatever has happened over the previous several months with gratitude and forgiveness. Then let it go. Allow yourself some solitude so you can spend some quiet, slow time in reflection. Once you feel complete, reflect on your present life. What you are grateful for? Who do you want to be in the year to come?

Are you feeling the stillness and withdrawal of winter?