inner child

Wisdom Cards: Embrace Your Inner Child

Hello my lovelies, let’s talk about our Inner Child. Today’s Wisdom Card is “I love myself totally in the now” and on the flipside, “I am gentle, kind, and comforting to my inner child as we uncover and release the old, negative, messages within us.”ย 

inยทner child

A person’s supposed original or true self, esp. when regarded as damaged or concealed by negative childhood experiences.

Each and every one of us has that inner child within us. That part of us that longs to jump in puddles and make mud pies. That part of us that wants to hear that we are good, and loved, and worthwhile.

Some of us had happy childhoods, some of us did not. If you had a happy childhood do you still carry that happiness with you? Now is the time to go outside and do something fun and childlike. It’s wonderful to tap into that energy.

inner child

If your childhood was less than perfect then are there things that you are still carrying around with you? As impressionable young children, it is so easy for us to hear something and then cling to it as if it were truth. It is also easy for us to take a situation in our minds and twist it in a negative way. As a child if someone leaves us or forgets about us, we internalize it and can blame ourselves, even if it isn’t our fault.

Is there something that you need to let go of? Some message that you carried with you throughout your life?

Personally, I never knew my biological father and I always felt like it was somehow my fault. After my grandmother died, my (step) grandfather removed himself from my family’s life. I also felt like that made me inadequate in some way. I carried it with me that I wasn’t worth loving. I wasn’t worth loving to begin with and even after knowing me, watching me grow up, taking me for ice cream, I still wasn’t worth loving.

This is not truth.

We are all worth loving. As a child, there is nothing bad about us, nothing unworthy, we are all special and beautiful. (Of course, this still holds true to the you right now)

How can you be gentle and loving with yourself and with your inner child today?