Wisdom Cards: I Am Kali

I figured I would mix things up a little bit today and instead of a one of Louise L Hay’s Wisdom Cards I am sharing a card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish.

The card I pulled today was:

I am Kali – From Death comes rebirth


Kali is the blue-skinned Hindu Goddess of birth, death, and rebirth. She represents destruction as it is her role to clear away those things that are no longer needed. She wields a sword and wears the severed heads of her enemies around her neck. Kali is very strong, very powerful, and very protective. She is fierce and can be frightening, but when you allow yourself to understand her purpose she can help you with painful transitions.

Let her help you to let go.

There have been times when Kali has entered my life and I have cowered in fear. She is everything that I avoid facing. Fear. Letting go. Cutting ties. All things that are difficult for me. I am learning.

Kali is the dancer who moves through the fire, severing the things that have tangled you. She is not afraid of death, she faces it head on and fearless. To her, every act of destruction is also an act of creation. She has come to help you clear away the obstacles on your path. It is time to destroy what you have longed to let go of.

It is time to release the fear that is stopping you from greatness.

Kali will give you the strength to purify your life and purge it of negativity if you are willing to do the work. She will not let you sit idly by, this is a time for action. Can you walk forward without hesitation?

Have you ever worked with Kali?