Word-of-the-Year Mini Guidebook

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word-of-the-yearEvery single year for the past 9 years I've chosen a word-of-the-year. Instead of a goal that I either meet or fail (and let's be honest, most of the time it's a fail!), my word-of-the-year serves as a way to give myself gentle direction.

It's not about meeting a goal, but living my life in a way that nourishes me. Instead of setting a goal of going to the gym 3x a week, your word-of-the-year could be "movement", or "wellness", or "nourishment", or so many other words that encompass the real goal of feeling better in your body.

Your word allows for life to get in the way. It allows for things to go wrong. It allows for imperfection.

What's in the Word-of-the-Year Mini Guidebook?

  • An 16 page PDF Not only do you get a full-color PDF that you can print out at home or fill in digitally, but there's also a black and white version and a version without a background so that you can decorate it yourself!
  • 207 WOTY Suggestions Need help finding your word? I've got you covered with over 200 suggestions!
  • How to Choose a WOTY Worksheet If you have a hard time picking yours, I give you some ideas on how to narrow it down and choose a word that will work for you!
  • How to Honor Your Word Worksheet I'm also sharing a few ways to honor your word-of-the-year plus space for you to come up with your own self-care ideas!
  • Monthly Check-In Check in monthly to see how your word is having an impact on your life
  • Six Month Check-In

All of the worksheets have digital fill-in enabled, which means if you have Adobe PDF Reader (it's free) you can fill in and save the PDFs right on your computer without printing them out! You can also use a PDF app on your phone to fill it in on the go!

daily self-care pages
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