Write Yourself a Love Letter

Write Yourself a Love Letter: Self-Care Exercise

Today, on Self-Care Sunday I’m giving you all a little assignment. I want you to write yourself a love letter.

I want you to write a love letter.

Guess who’s the lucky recipient?

Yeah, that’d be you.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Self love, baby. I’m all about it and you should be too. There are no rules about this letter, other than it should be positive and loving. No negatives.

I want you to hear how proud you are of yourself.

I want you to tell yourself how totally kick-ass you are.

How you are the best you that ever was. And you know that thing that your good at? Yeah, you know the one, I want you to talk about it. Acknowledge your skills and your talents.

Write about your greatness.

Write Yourself a Love Letter. So full of love.

If you’re having a hard time try writing it from an outside perspective. Use 3rd person, “Dominee is a very kind and caring person with a gigantic heart.”

Just let the words flow out. They don’t have to make sense. They can simply be random memories or thoughts or jotted down traits that you just adore about yourself. Let it flow and go with that flow.

Keep the letter and whenever you feel down, read it and remember that moment of pouring out your love for yourself. 

Did you write your letter? How’d it go?

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