You have permission to be a Scrooge.

You have permission to be a Scrooge. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh because the last thing I want is to see you on the evening news running through a department store yelling “Bah Humbug!” But – you are allowed not to buy into the holiday cheer. You are allowed to treat the holidays like normal days. You are allowed to celebrate in a soft and quiet way. Don’t give in to the pressure to be and do everything. You are allowed to preserve your energy and not spend it on cooking large dinners, or spending hours shopping, or driving yourself crazy trying to find the perfect gift, or decking the halls with boughs of holly.

You don’t have to paste on a fake smile and struggle through it.

scroogeIf you want to bake cookies by the dozen, decorate your house like Santa’s workshop, and make a Thanksgiving feast that makes Martha Stewart look like an amateur, that’s awesome. But it’s not a standard that you have to live up to if you don’t want to.
Do what makes you happy.

I don’t particularly like the holidays.

When I first moved out of my Mom’s house, I was so excited to do my own holiday thing, to make my own traditions, and to have a wonderful time doing it. I quickly learned that I liked my Mom doing holiday stuff for me, I didn’t care to do it myself! Ha! It became something I was forcing myself to do because that’s just how people celebrate holidays, that’s what I was supposed to do. I was so unhappy. It stressed me out and I never had much fun, and I tried to, I really did, because it was supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t have to try so hard. Over the years even putting up the Christmas tree became a chore. Secret: it hasn’t left my closet in two years and I’m okay with that, I’m a total Scrooge.

The holidays are about enjoyment, love, family, and warm fuzzies.

It doesn’t take all the trimmings to get into the holiday spirit. My ideal holiday celebration involves relaxing. I watch a few holiday flicks, listen to a bit of Christmas music and consume hot chocolate. The people I love get gift cards. They still know that I love them because I show it all the other days of the year.

Energy is limited, spend it where it needs spending.

Pay attention to where your energy is leading you this holiday season. Don’t run yourself ragged trying to be or do it all. Get things done early and don’t wait until the last minute. Learn to say no to the things that don’t make your heart feel good.

This is a time for celebration. Celebrate.

In your own way, doing your own thing, with the people who make your life awesome. If that makes you a Scrooge then so be it. Don’t lose the spirit of the holiday because you’re stuck on the image of what you or your family expect you to be.

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