New Year's Self-love

Your New Year’s Self-Love Guide

My favorite holiday is New Year’s Day. I absolutely love it. If you’ve been around for a while I’m sure you already knew that! I’ve created a yearly Self-Care Planner and a good chunk of it is all about embracing the new year and letting go of the old. I just love the idea that there’s a new chapter of life starting. It seems so concrete and tangible. It makes me feel like this is the year I can do it, whatever “it” may be. I made a little New Year’s Self-Love Guide to encourage you too.

Seven years ago I went on this beautiful journey of self-love. It took me two years to really get it, for the lessons to start to sink in. Seven years later and I still have work to do. But those first two years? I’m so thankful for them. I look back and see this beautiful period of magic, pain, and transformation. I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I say that self-love and self-care changes lives I mean it with every bone of my body. As hard, painful, terrifying, lonely as hell, as it can sometimes be, it is so worth it.

So if your New Year’s Self-Love Plan is to focus on self-love this year, I got you.

Get the 2022 Self-Love Workbook. I’m an officially published author – whoo hoo! It’s everything I wish I had when I first started my journey. It will shine a light on all of the places where you need to do the work and also highlight what’s going right for you. It gives you all the information that I have about how to put self-care first.

Our Facebook Group. Little socially awkward me is leading a group of almost 21,000 people. I know, it’s crazy. The Self-Care Circle is so close to my heart. It’s a judgment-free zone full of uber supportive, absolutely amazing, people. Having a rough time with your mental health? Need love, support or advice? Want to vent about your latest self-love hurdles? We’re there, we get it, we understand. It’s a beautiful and amazing place.

Choose a Word of the Year. Really, do. It sounds silly. It sounds like such an inconsequential thing. How can choosing a word change anything? It can’t. Not on its own. But when you connect with that word, whatever it is, and you carry it with you and you consciously apply it to situations in your life, things change.

Practice self-care every day.

31 Days of Self-Love. You don’t have to give me your e-mail address or sign up for anything. It’s simple. It’s easy. 31 days of self-love covers all aspects of loving yourself. From shadow-work to activities to thought-provoking questions, I tried to cover all of it. It’s a good place to start and a good way to get to know yourself a little better. Acknowledging and seeing your experiences as they are is the first step to healing.

28 Self-Care Ideas for Winter. Seriously, try some of these out. I’m a huge fan of inexpensive and innovative self-care ideas. A lot of these are just about taking a breath and doing something fun to enjoy your own company.

How To Love Yourself. If you are completely lost on the concept of self-love, this post is all about meeting yourself where you are and it explains 6 of the most crucial steps when it comes to self-love.

Here’s some advice.

Loving yourself is hard. Really really hard. It’s easy to sit down and write a blog post about how to love yourself more. But doing it? That’s the hard part. Most of us fall into self-loathing as teenagers and now it’s 10-20 years later. 20 years of brain patterns that you’re fighting against. The amount of sheer force of will it takes to do that often feels insurmountable. Anyone who shows up and tries anyway? Rockstar.

Keep trying. Keep re-routing your brain when it defaults toward destructive behaviors and thoughts. Do it anyway. Don’t let anyone make you feel like self-love and self-care are frivolous. It’s not. Even the “frivolous” acts of self-care are acts of choosing yourself.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you have bad days or you keep making crappy decisions. Change is coming.

Self-love can absolutely change your life, so let it.

What’s your New Year’s Self-Love Resolution?