Your Tarot Reading for Spring!

Hello lovely yous!
Look up above and see if one of the cards resonate with you for your spring tarot reading. Further down below I will reveal the card and the message it has for you! (Tarot of the Hidden Realm Tarot – by Julia Jeffrey)

It’s been a good week. On my days off from the retail job, I spent the most glorious 48 hours immersing myself in spirituality. It just randomly clicked for me. The Universe was beating me over the head telling me not to half-ass it.

Spirituality is a huge part of my life, so much so that sometimes I stop noticing it. Which on one had is awesome because it’s such a natural part of my life. But, sometimes I have to really stop and focus on it. Feel it, soak in it, and not take it for granted. That’s what those two days were for me and they were absolutely wonderful.

Walking meditations, daily kirtan (devotional chanting), long, drawn-out, soulful talks with the Universe, mandala-coloring, journal-writing, tea-drinking, and dance.

It wasn’t the stuff itself but the experience of it. It breathed new life into me.

This is your reminder to experience.

Let the things you do be done with mindfulness. Put yourself fully in it.

Spring tarot reading


Card One : The Hanged Man

It is time to change your life and turn your world upside down or look at your life (or a situation) from a completely different perspective.
Change is oftentimes uncomfortable and sometimes you find yourself just hanging there in a state of limbo as you watch your life being flipped upside down. Surrendering and letting the pieces fall where the may is sometimes all that you can do.
This is a reminder to let go of your ego, let go of your view of how things “should” be, let go of the things that you assume, and preconceive. Take a step back and look at your life or a situation from a removed point of view.

Card Two: Nine of Swords

This card represents that battle-weary feeling you have after a long, drawn-out, war. The exhaustion, the jumpiness, the way that your body and emotions still flinch at the memory.
This is your sign that healing is coming.
Abusive relationships, Dark Nights of the Soul, Parenting Challenges, periods of intense stress… you’ve survived it and now it’s time to let yourself breathe a little bit deeper. Start moving forward one step at a time. Don’t keep reliving it over and over. It’s okay to move on. You survived.

Card 3: Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is ready to jump into battle at any moment. The motivation to go do THE THING is there and he answers the call. No procrastination, he just jumps right in. Ambition, motivation, and determination – you have it. This is the time to spring into a new project with your whole heart, letting nothing stop you.

In your rush to get things done, it’s important to be mindful of doing things the right way, of being compassionate toward yourself and others, and paying attention to what’s happening around you. Don’t trample people (or yourself!) in your quest to get things done.

What was your card for the spring tarot reading and did it resonate with you?

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